Feature Request: DANE/TLSA support for SmarterMail
Idea shared by Falk Brockerhoff - 1/26/2015 at 8:43 AM
Under Consideration
are there any plans to support DANE/TLSA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNS-based_Authentication_of_Named_Entities) in the future?

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Absolutly interesting Point!!!
Any plane to support this?
Any news on this?
Two big german mail providers implemented DANE, and normally the big ones are much slower than the mid-sized companies with new feature. But we can't offer it to our customers because the lack of support by smartermail :-(

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Falk, I have added this to our features request list for further discussion by the development team.
Thanks for changing the status of this to "Under Consideration," Robert!

The addition of
DANE/TLSA support to SmarterMail will only enhance the overall security of SmarterMail.
It will also help to ensure that SmarterMail is compliant with recent rulings by the US Courts regarding the issues of data security, and, specifically, with the ruling by the Third Circuit US Court of Appeals, on Monday, 24 August, which effectively puts the protection of user, financial, and patient data under the guise of the businesses who collect, process, and store that data.

Last Monday's gives the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) the authority to play a key cybersecurity regulatory roll as it relates to the protection of consumer data against breaches.
While the ruling specifically allows an FTC case against Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, in which the FTC claims Wyndham failed to uphold their responsibility to their guests because of data breaches, which occurred in 2008 and 2009, to move forward, the bigger interpretation, as seen by the legal community, is that this ruling reaffirms the right of the FTC to oversee, and, as necessary, fine companies who do business in the United States for cybersecurity mishaps which result in the compromise of payment or personal information.
Cybersecurity attorney Chris Pierson stated that, based on the court's decision, "it is even clearer that the FTC is the leading agency in the US for data breach matters,"
"Challenging the FTC's authority to regulate unfair/deceptive acts and practices is unlikely to be fruitful in court.  The Wyndham case is a seminal case for the FTC for the proposition that the FTC has the power and ability to oversee cybersecurity breach issues as the nation's default regulator."
The appellate court's decision should serve a warning that companies of all kinds need to take data security more seriously: that providers of cyber services: web hosting, e-mail hosting, cloud based services, etc, must now be keenly aware of the security of every aspect of their offerings.

For more information, see: 

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I was wondering if there are any news on this topic. As cloud mark will include support for DANE/TLS this will be a huge argument for the implementation in smartermail: -> blog.cloudmark.com/2017/03/27/dane-and-email-security/
This is something I'm also interested in,  any updates would be much appreciated 
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To be honest, we lost this thread years ago.  This is something we are interested in doing and is now on our list.
Tim Uzzanti CEO SmarterTools Inc. www.smartertools.com
Is there any news about DANE/TLSA support?
SSL/TSL checkers show this more and more as a missing option.


I would also like to know if there has been any progress with support for DANE/TLSA.
I have raised a support request but would also like to know if anyone else is interested. Please shout out if you are.

Why not?

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