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Idea shared by Joseph Rebis - 1/25/2015 at 11:42 AM
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My toplist of SM requests... not that SM isn't working real hard but some of these would be nice.
5) I would love to be able to impersonate a user from the users list instead of having to copy and paste it is if it's long. For that fact, it would be nice if the impersonate feature didn't take you to another page when you type it wrong. it should just say incorrect email or something but not take you to another page.
4) It would be great to get a specific list of new features (other than cryptic release notes) to review when upgrading. I am still finding things from past upgrades I knew nothing about. Perhaps a checklist of things to review in the admin area along with some announcements etc.
3) Under all circumstances when taking mass action on mail such as - deleting a lot of messages to the deleted folder or moving the same to a different folder or simply opening a gigantic inbox-  we absolutely need to stop SM from freezing. Please do not admonish my server or my customers inability to keep their inbox organized - so many people are turning to IMAP or POP and leave FOREVER.
2) Create an optional daily digest email of Junk Email with to, from, date, time and subject so that POP users (even IMAP) to not only know what's in their junk folder (or any requested folder), but also add link to add email or domain to Trusted Senders or Address Book automatically. 
1) Too much too late. It took so long to get the mobile interface but it's now moot because of responsive design. The SM interface need to be made responsive now- and more. None of the SM features are any good to anyone not using webmail no matter how cool. This will only start to happen with a better interface.
Other wishlisty features:
a) SM bookmarket to email a web page to yourself, for IM chat, just write an email or simplify login.
b) MX and DNS lookup tools to help debug email issues- i am so abusing MXToolbox.
c) Keep people logged into their email- or all these cool features don't mean anything. It would be real nice if even outlook (etc) users still maintained a browser tab with SM open for all the other cool tools. I am sure we can find a different way to prevent from accidentally leaving open at airport- e.g. create IP whitelist or device fingerprint like the bank does.
d) Along with "c" above.. you could also consider splitting webmail into mail sending tools from other general features like IM and file storage and calendars?!? Or a pseudo MAC/Windows desktop app that was just a big browser to these features.
 e) IP reporting of last 20 logged in and last 20 senders so easily spot issues.
Also, thanks for the progress going on Connected Services, monetization tools and security improvements. e.g. bounce message abuse detection.

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I like these !
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Regarding your #2 request: http://portal.smartertools.com/community/a86275/smreport-quarantine-summary-report-for-smartermail.aspx
Thanks, -Joe
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Joseph, thank you for posting these suggestions.  Many were already on your features request list and the others have been added.  Regarding #5 suggestion, this change has been implemented.  It will no longer take the sys. admin to a new window if the given user email is invalid.  Instead, a message will be displayed stating as such.
All of the suggestions are good ones - some of them quite important. And the "logout" link should ALWAYS appear on all SM pages without having to dig for it.  Popular websites (e.g. many social networking sites, google, yahoo) have gravitated towards making you "look around" for the logout link because they stand to gain from keeping you logged in. SM does not stand to gain (as far as we know) from keeping us unintentionally logged-in, so this link should be EASY to find with one-click.
And more work needs to be done for folks that inadvertently leave their SM webmail open on a "foreign" device, or simply close their browser or browser-tab without logging off.

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