Upgrade to 7: webmail works outlook cannot send or receive
Problem reported by toby scott - 7/29/2014 at 2:54 AM
Upgraded from Smartermail 5 to 7 Enterprise (to enable jump to 12) on Windows Server 2008 R2, using IIS 7.5 for both versions.  Running 7 I can log into webmail and send or receive, but cannot send or receive from Outlook (on 3 machines).  I can telnet into ports 25, 110 and 2525 (default alternate SMTP port).  But Outlook just times out trying to connect. I didn't change any IP addresses or make any other changes to the server.  I have rebooted the server and two of my workstations. 

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When you are trying to connect via Outlook does it give you any specific error?  Also do you see any connection attempts being made in the SmarterMail SMTP logs?
toby scott Replied
Thanks for the reply.  I ran out of time and did a paid support to fix.  Turns out that even though the self-diagnostics said I was properly registered, I wasn't.  The trial wouldn't let me log in programmatically, even though a couple of people could log in via webmail.  Re-entering the registration key did the trick.
Thankfully, support also upgraded me to Version 12. 

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