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Question asked by Marc Frega - 1/22/2015 at 7:23 AM
I have around 1000 users on my server. Mostly car dealers.  Im having some problems that are being worked on but I am curious what your memory use is with your smartermail server.  For mine, mailservice.exe reports about 1.1 to 1.3 GB of memory use at around 9am EST. Also 88 threads, 14million page faults, 2555 handles. That's about 24 hours after the last restart of the service.

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Bruce Barnes Replied
What kind of hardware, operating system, RAID array, memory? Stand alone box, or do you also run SQL and/or other websites on the same machine? 1K users is a very small e-mail group. I manage a server in New Orleans with about 700 domains and close to 5K users, and they run about 1% CPU and 1.7 gig of memory with a split of 50/50 web/IMAP.
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Marc Frega Replied
Dell SC1425 Dual xeon 3.0ghz with a hybrid Sata 3tb drive. 8GB Ram No Raid no other software Windows 2008 R2 Standard Declude and sniffer and cyren antispam and antivirus
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Marc, unfortunately there is no easy way to make an educated guess with this type of problem.  I would recommend that you open a support ticket so that we can get a crash dump for analysis.  If it is found that the problem is a software bug, your ticket would be refunded.
Marc Frega Replied
Robert, the people from Declude opened one in my name with you guys this morning.

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