E-Mail window too small, can't resize
Problem reported by Severin Kreuzmayr - 7/24/2014 at 4:32 AM
When opening a e-mail in webmail within Firefox the new window (popup) has about the size of the button on the top and that's it. The body/text of the mail is not visible and Firefox won't let you resize to see it.
I noticed the issue first a couple of versions ago with the Firefox BETA. Since it was only in the BETA, I didn't give it more thought. However, it seems the issue came into the latest stable version 31.0.
Is there something SmarterMail can do? Or perhaps can I resolve this by configuring my IIS 8?
PS: Current workaround is to set browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction to 0 so the Firefox opens a new tab instead of a window.

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Keith Arnold Replied
I see the same error in Firefox v31 It appears to be a problem with forms in popup boxes, compose email, reminders popup, new calendar event all start out normal size then shrink down to 100px high. There may be others that I've not seen yet.
They all appear to have a variation on the following div
<div id="Scrollable" class="ContentDiv tinted" style="overflow: hidden; height: 100px;">
which gets reset back to 100px even if you try and expand the window.
This doesnt appear to cause a problem in IE v11 other than I dont use IE.
it works fine in Chrome, and the same div shows up as:
<div id="Scrollable" class="ContentDiv tinted" style="overflow: hidden; height: 567px;">
Mike Saunders Replied
i got this problem, got 10 support tickets this morning with my clients reporting they cant write a new email die to the window keeps resizing to a small size...
any ideas on a fix... i cant tell all my users to stop using firefox
Jonathan Pruitt Replied
I'm having the same problem. Any ideas?
Jonathan Pruitt
Bruce Barnes Replied
Upgrade to the latest version of SmarterMail 11.7.5318 or 12.3.5318 and this will resolve your issue with window resizing in Mozilla 31.
FYI, an upgrade for Mozilla, to bring it to 32, was released last week, as well, but the upgrade of SmarterMail to 11.7.5318 or 12.3.5318 is still required to address the window resizing issues.
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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Just in case anyone reviews this in the future, with the release of Firefox 31 a bug was introduced that impacted window resizing of both SmarterMail and SmarterTrack. These issues were resolved with a minor release that was made public on July 24th.
Derek Curtis
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keith hofer Replied
how / where do i get the latest release, i am using smartermail as provided by enom?
Steve Reid Replied
Ask your provider to update
Robert Pritchard Replied
I am on Firefox 33 and the problem continues.  The REPLY popup window does not fully open.  Attempts to resize result in the window restoring itself to the small size.
Steve Reid Replied
You need to update your smartermail installation
Scott Crossen Replied
is there any solution to this besides upgrading?
Steve Reid Replied
There may be client side fixes in firefox. But why not just update and then everyone is fixed.
K Soon Replied
In case anyone is still facing the same problem ,here is the solution i found, it's working. You will have to edit one of the JS file:-

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