SM13 “This message can no longer be accessed”
Problem reported by John Gurhy - 1/19/2015 at 9:56 AM
Not A Problem
Can anybody, help a couple of users are reporting issues in Webmail that when opening an email they get “This message can no longer be accessed”
Upon further investigating a copy of the message is found in their DRAFT folder.
I have looking at the delivery logs and can't see anything out of the norm, there are no content filtering and Auto Clean rules set for the user.
Any thoughts? 

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Hello John,
Thanks for the inquiry. Can you please provide us with more details on whether or not the emails were delivered or if these messages are being searched and were found in the Draft folder ? I'm not certain if these messages were archived previously and now are not found. The best way to further review this may be submitting a Support Ticket with the specific details on the accounts and we can review.
Thank You.
John Gurhy Replied
Hi Joe, The user reported that the emails were delivered to their INBOX "but then disappear" when clicking on the email and get "This message can no longer be accessed” Upon searching for the email we found the missing emails in the users DRAFT folder. I will open a ticket as suggested.

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