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Question asked by Mike Roe - 1/16/2015 at 6:55 AM
I need to transfer 150 email accounts from gmail can anyone help me with doing this?  I see you can do it from when the user is logged in but i want to do this without users having to do anything.  I have one user that has a bunch of email but i have stated they need to do a backup of the email before i move account.  I have a csv file with usernames and passwords for all accounts if this helps.  I have all the users account in smartermail.
Version is Enterprise 13.1
OS Server 2008 R2

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Mike, you can look at the svcUserAdmin web service.  There is a QueueMailBoxMigration that would allow you to perform Gmail migration without the users needing to log in.
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Nice feature!
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Mike Roe Replied
Can anyone tell me how to get this started? Have not worked with API's. Deal with IP addresses etc all day long. I have visual studio express setup on mail server if that helps Thanks Mike

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