corruppted/blank emails appearing for both new and current emails that have been replied to
Problem reported by Jon Eastwood - January 16, 2015 at 5:28 AM
I have had a call from a client today who has noticed the attached screen shot in their inbox.
They see blank emails for some new messages but also now email that have been replied to have started to show the same.
We backup all email on a daily basis but that means we cant restore form last night as it will only have the same emails in the backup?

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Have you checked to make sure a program on your server is not touching the files? AV needs to have exclusions for the mail folders.
You should check your backups to see if the emails are there or not...
We had that problem on v7 through v10 of SmarterMail. Since then we have not and are on the latest version 13. If you do have the latest it may benefit to update all patches, run a mal-ware check, uninstall SmarterMail, reboot and then install it. (backups are always prudent). That will help if you would happen to open a trouble ticket as well. 
Just paid $50 to raise a ticket to be told:

The blank items indicate that the users mailbox.cfg file became corrupt for
their inbox. This can be corrected by performing the following steps:


1. Stop the SmarterMail service and ensure mailservice.exe terminates
2. Navigate to the users inbox folder, for example
3. Remove the mailbox.cfg file.
4. Start the SmarterMail service.
5. Sign in as the user, and there should no longer be any blank

GREAT! if only I had been told this on here as I know SM staff check these...

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