[BUG] Smartermail 13 Restore->Rebuild Folder & ghost folders?
Problem reported by Evan Heller - 1/15/2015 at 8:02 PM
Not A Problem
I recently had to restore several folders for a customer who had since corrupted their folder structure due to a bad outlook sync. The restoration completed as expected with all mail properly rebuilt using a previous night backup.
The issue which I have now observed is that folders that had been deleted (no mail in them) have now re-appeared. It seems that if you create a folder and then delete it in the webmail interface, smartermail leaves a blank folder on the filesystem. When you do a rebuild of the folder structure or re-import, those folders re-appear since they are re-indexed.
Has anyone else experienced ghost folders (empty or long since deleted) appearing on the file system under Mail in a users account? 
Smartermail, is this a bug?

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Evan, this is not a bug.  Currently, when a folder is deleted in the web interface, the folder DOES still remain in the file structure.  This is because the IMAP implementation needs to remember the UUID associated with this folder.  The Restore -> Rebuild feature recursively (if so selected) looks through all the specified folders and restores them.  That's why the "ghost" folders return.
We have already planned for the next SM major release to rewrite our handling of removed folders and associated IMAP UUIDs thereby truly removing them from the file structure.
Your customer are safe in re-removing those unneeded, "ghost" folders.

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