An error occurred while loading the configuration settings.
Problem reported by Gary Steiner - 1/14/2015 at 1:22 PM
When trying to edit a domain under SmarterStats 10.0.5420, I get the following error: 
An error occurred while loading the configuration settings.
The configuration reads properly, and there doesn't seem to be anything missing.  But this error happens on all domains.
I looked in the error log and I see the following:
*** System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Could this be related to the recent Windows Update?  And the installation of ASP.NET 4.5.2?
I ran the self diagnostic, and it finishes with no errors.

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
Good day Gary,
Thanks for the information. I do believe we have found an issue with the SmarterStats application and have a custom build you can implement.
Please make any necessary backups of folders and files prior to updating the new build.  Please consider the installation process the same as normal. Stop the existing SmarterStats service in the Task Manager. Stop the website and application pool in IIS. Uninstall the previous version of the application and then install this build.
Please let us know if you have any continued difficulties.
Thank you.
Tina Cline Replied
Is this a .NET 4.5.2 problem or a Smartermail version 10 problem?  We are getting ready to release 4.5.2 so I want to be sure.  We are on SmarterMail 13.1
Gary Steiner Replied
Neither. We are talking about SmarterStats, not SmarterMail.
ellisfr Replied
I had the same problem, and it seems modifications were not saved. I just installed the new custom build, and it is working now, no more error message. Thank you !
Gary Steiner Replied
Since this build (10.1.5485) is a significant version change from the current release version (10.0.5240), any idea as to when it will be released to the general public? I don't like to install interim versions on my production server, unless it fixes a show-stopper (which this problem is not, the end users don't even see it). I am curious as to whether there are any other fixes in this interim version that might repair the other problems I'm encountering with the current version of SmarterSats. http://portal.smartertools.com/community/a1819/site-summary-reports-wont-print-or-email-in-smarterstats.aspx
Gary Steiner Replied
This seems to be fixed in SmarterStats 10.1.5529, though didn't see any mention of this issue in the release notes.

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