Impersonate not working in Firefox 35.0
Problem reported by Daniel TheEmailGuy - 1/13/2015 at 9:30 AM
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Impersonate is no longer working in Firefox on my computer. I'm using Firefox 35 on Windows 7 32bit.  Whenever I try to use the impersonate function, instead of opening a new tab with the user's address as it normally should, the window kind of jumps and then nothing happens. No extra tabs are opened and I'm still looking at whatever Manage screen was open when I clicked.

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Hi Daniel.  I just tested this behavior with Firefox 35 and SmarterMail 13 on a Windows 7 machine, and it worked as expected.  I would recommend clearing out all temp files/cookies from your Firefox browser, and then trying again.
Daniel TheEmailGuy Replied
I tried that and it didn't work.
It turns out that Firefox was blocking Impersonate as a popup. It just didn't tell me that it was blocking it or prompt me with an obvious "undo" function. I added our server to the safe sites list and it worked properly.
Oddly enough, other smartermail windows that open up second tabs (like manage domain) were working fine. No idea why impersonate functions differently in Firefox. 
Devang Patel Replied
Hi Rod,
We are also facing the same issue in firefox Ver. 35.0. When we open compose window, domain edit window it doesn't work properly....
My OS is win 8.1.
Firefox: version 35.x.
Chris Danks Replied
We too have this issue with SM 14.4 (19th Nov 2015 build)  All using Windows 10 and firefox 42.0
we've had this issue for sometime now!
Confirmed on all support staff machines and around 8 different SM Enterprise servers.
Phillip Blanton Replied
I also have this issue. Allowing popups in Firefox doesn't fix the issue. I have to use Chrome, with popups allowed.

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