Problem reported by John Marx - 1/12/2015 at 5:14 PM
Why is it I search for "Charles" (without quotes) I get tons of results (which I don't want) yet when I search for the persons last name of "Vanderstelt" (again without quotes) I get zero results. Under Charles I get 36 results. Of which, 30 are from Mr. Vanderstelt. Something is seriously wrong. I can understand filtering out basics of AND, THE, A, AN, etc. but not peoples names.
The results are 100% the same whether I am in the folder the person is in or if I am using the search function within SmarterMail. We are on v13.1 Enterprise (latest version as of this email). The mailbox is relatively small at 1.2 Gig overall.
This seems like a serious problem and would like to know how to fix? 

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Tobias Salzmann Replied
Hi John,
the reason is, that Smartertrack does not offer any Search capabilities!!!!! Whatever you try... it will not work. 
We are not living in 2015 and any tool working with mass data should provide at least the minimal search requirements of finding entries based on a single word!!!!!
And I am arguing with Smartertools since months and they just ignore my request...

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