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Idea shared by Evan Heller - 1/12/2015 at 1:02 PM
Can you look into adding the ability to delete ip bindings in the admin interface?
I have a case where the original ip for Smartermail was set to a local ip 192.168.1.X and then changed later to an external ip however Smartermail appears to remember both ips in the bindings screen and it's available for use in the domain defaults. It would be great if you can just right click an ip binding and just delete it.

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Hi Evan.  Does that local IP address still exist on the server?  SmarterMail will list all IP addresses it discovers (which is why you may see  Also, just because a local IP address displays in Settings >> Bindings >> IP Addresses, as long as it has no ports listening, it will be ignored.
The ip was originally dhcp and then switched to static. It no longer exists. The issue is that when create a new domain, it will default to the local ip and not the public static one
Hi... Rod had this in one of our customer support tickets: "During the installation of SmarterMail, a number of locations are searched for existing IP Addresses, including the registry. SmarterMail will not give the option to delete any existing IP address it finds on the server." Kind of sounds like a smart thing.. but really I think it is a little strange. Just look at active valid IP addresses on the NIC. Either auto drop or allow a delete option for IP addresses to be removed. This would be more of a normal thing to do. We have a server that has moved to a new public IP, and we cannot remove the old ones although they are gone from the only NIC we have ever run. Strange behaviour.
I have also seen these Ghost IPs before. I believe I had to edit an xml to remove them.
Why is this marked completed?
Hi, is this still an open idea or was this closed out?
If there are ports bound to the OLD IP addresses, you must delete the ports.  Once they are deleted, you can delete the IP addresses.
Conversely, you must also bind the proper ports to the NEW IP address(es), or you may loose the ability to send and/or receive e-mail.
This is not something which is done automatically at this time, and, I am not certain it should be an automatic procedure. 
  • What if an IP address is, as part of other maintenance, accidentally removed from an interface or NIC card. 
  • If such a situation were to present itself, and, lets, for sake of making an automated process into a catastrophic mess, you had 200 domains mapped to the IP address which is no longer present.
  • Now, let's exacerbate the situation:  You're working under a deadline, alone, have already put in close to 35 hours in an attempt to get what looked like a "simple" new server build and move, not realizing that the static IP addresses would change - no one thought to tell you that and, because you're under the gun to get it all done, missing time with your partner or spouse, and have angered him or her because you missed an engagement which was of tantamount importance, are attempting to get everything done right, don't realize the error and walk away from something you thought was properly completed.
  • Now comes the new feature of SmarterMail automatically deleting the "old IP address and bindings" from the mapping table and, suddenly, you have nothing but errors when attempting to access the web management for the domain - very common when you are assigned a new set of IP addresses and forget to update the individual domain's IP addresses - but only in SPECIFIC situations;
  • While you're trying to fight fatigue and pressure, the customers are attempting to use the web interface to login and send and receive e-mail - getting similar, but sometimes very dissimilar, and very confusing error messages
  • Now your phone is ringing off the hook:
    • your significant other has a house full of guests for dinner and you're still at work - with no desire to be social and no appetite
    • your customers are totally confused and cannot access their e-mail because there are no proper IP address mappings - they were automatically deleted!
I think the request of such a feature is a major disaster waiting for an opportunity to strike!
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