Incorrect Unread Messages
Problem reported by Jim Backstrom - 1/12/2015 at 11:13 AM
I have a mailbox that is incorrectly reporting unread messages. If you go to the filter and select only unread messages it only shows 3, but it is reporting 7. I have manually went to the box and performed a re-index of the box, but it didn't help. Not sure if there is anything else to do but delete and rebuild the mailbox.
Any ideas are appreciated.
SM 13.0.5430

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Scott Howell Replied
One thing I just noticed that I didn't before, unless the indexing changed this, but if I go to the filter and show only unread it says "12 messages, 12 unread", but if I remove the filter it goes back to showing 4 more (ie 8,844 messages, 16 unread)

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