Trusted Sender (User Level)
Question asked by E. Keith Dodd - July 2, 2014 at 1:10 PM
Received an email which was obviously a spam and most likely from someone's hacked account. It showed however a smartermail spam of 0 as a Trusted Sender. I checked the server's logs and it shows spam skipped because it was a Trusted Sender (user level).
Checked  my whitelist and neither the full sender nor the domain ( was listed.
Any ideas how such would become a false "trusted sender"?

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Update: I further checked the questionable email's properties and see that the sender (a address) is on my trusted sender's list. However, the delivery logs no where show that address as what was checked for a trusted sender. The "mail from" in delivery log is from a address which the logs say is a Trusted Sender (user level).
(I probably should have searched first and reported here instead of opening a new question.)
Robert Emmett Replied
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If the message return-path, from, or reply-to header fields contain a trusted sender address, then the message will pass the spam checks.
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