SSL URLs from Knowledge Articles are being marked as broken by SmarterTrack (10.x)
Question asked by Webio - 1/7/2015 at 6:29 AM
does someone experienced situation where SSL protected URLs (my local website protected using RapidSSL - SHA-2  which hosts hosting control panel application) are being marked as broken by SmarterTrack? I have 29 knowledge base articles which are being marked as articles with broken links. In admin KB articles section where is a subsection for broken links there is information that each of this articles has incorrect mentioned hosting control panel URL which for sure is valid.

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Sky Software Replied
Hello Webio,
You're right. We have the same problem here. All of our KB and News URLs are HTTPS and they are considered as broken links in SmarterTrack alerts panel!
We hope that SmarterTrack development team would address this issue really soon.

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