ADMINS We NEED to - Block Sender AND Delete Message AT THE SAME TIME!
Idea shared by dave bubu - January 1, 2015 at 5:24 AM
Plain and simple...
We Need to have a button added to our actions menu that can BLOCK Sender and
DELETE the message at the same time!
It takes a long time to go through and check all the boxes to Block a Sender,
just to have to go back and check them all again to Delete.
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I think you can simply select a single email from the unwanted sender, select Actions/Block Sender to block (this will block all future mail from that address - no need to select all those messages), and then do a search for all email from that sender, click the checkbox at the top (for Select All), then select Delete...

Dave, Paul does mention a workaround for the issue.  However, I can see the value of adding a "Block and Delete" menu option for messages.  I added this to our features request list for further discussion with the dev. team.
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One could view that as a dangerous "feature", unless a proper warning is displayed when invoked (because all mail from that now-blocked sender could be deleted, looking back...). Just sayin'.
That work around is not practical because search often includes emails that do not completely match the search string.
You may be correct on that, but I'd bet it depends upon the search string. I don't believe I've ever seen a search result, for a search string that contains an email address, that returns anything but emails containing that specific address. But I could be mistaken.
I just experienced this issue so I know it returns unrelated results. I put in search and the results included messages that also only contained the word monitor. Quotes also have zero affect.
I have to agree with Paul Blank's notation:
One could view that as a dangerous "feature", unless a proper warning is displayed when invoked (because all mail from that now-blocked sender could be deleted, looking back...). Just sayin'. Paul Blank (Yesterday at 4:03 PM)
If such a feature is implemented, please make certain to include the proper warning if the new feature is selected for use.
I would also consider making this selective-by-domain.  I can see many situations where problem users would block and delete, simply because they were aggravated with a specific sender, and then open a ticket, or call screaming, demanding we "undelete" their messages.
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Yes indeed, I agree; what would have happened, though, if you had entered a full email address?
Well I thought the email address I was looking for was, that returned the same inaccurate results. It should have returned nothing as no emails I have came from that address. I discovered that the correct email I should have been searching for was, when searching for that it does correctly show only the emails from that address.
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Hi all,
Thank you for your feedback! With the recent removal of Bayesian filtering, we have discussed some changes to the Block Sender / Mark Spam functionality, and we are open to additional modifications. One proposed planned is to move the selected messages out of the Inbox and into the Junk Email folder when the Block Sender button (renamed to Mark as Junk) is clicked. While this does not delete the messages, it does remove them from the Inbox, so I am going to mark this thread as Planned. 
That said, because there are so many threads throughout the Community relating to the Block Sender / Mark Spam functionality, we are creating one centralized thread, linked below, to continue the discussion and ensure we are meeting your needs. This thread and other threads related to the topic will be Locked so we can continue this discussion in one place. 
Please review our proposed changes, and participate in the discussion or Subscribe for updates:
Thank you!!

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