Bounce.io - Can I turn it Off?
Question asked by rob - 12/30/2014 at 7:13 AM
From what I have read, SmarterTools has integrated bounce.io in to their SmarterMail.  Someone is using my email address to send SPAM.  My email address has been around for about 20 years so it is really no surprise.

About a week ago (I assume this is when my ISP turned it on), I started getting hundreds of bounce.io notifications per day about undeliverable email.  Previously, I never received any of the backscatter,  I assume it got filtered out.  But not no more.  Now I get these bounce.io notifications (as bad as SPAM) that the email could not be sent.
I do not have my hands on the mail server.  The domain is on a shared hosting account.  Inside of the bounce.io emails I do not see any sort of a remove option.
Does anyone have any ideas?  I can't believe this is not going to be a major problem with bounce.io.  The messages are SPAM themselves.  In fact, it looks like the backscatter from SPAM has been taken out of conventional filters so these messages will go out, which would make sense since all the bounce.io messages have advertising in them.
Thanks for anyone who can help.

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Bruce Barnes Replied
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Contact your ISP to have Bounce.IO turned off.
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Derek Curtis Replied
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I marked Bruce's response as the Answer. Bounce.io can be turned on and off by domain, but it needs to be done by the system administrator. Therefore, if your email is being hosted for you, contact your provider and ask them to disable it for your particular domain. If they're unsure how to do that, they simply need to log into SmarterMail as the system admin, select and Edit your domain, then uncheck the box next to "bounce.io" on the Features tab. 
Derek Curtis COO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
rob Replied
Thank you. I have done that and I am waiting to hear back from them.
John Marx Replied
You could also write a "rule" and delete all of them with specific information.
Andrew Replied
Hi Rob, bounce.io here. Sorry to hear that you're having this problem. We're interested to understand exactly what is causing this seemingly backscatter. Could you drop us an email to 'support@bounce.io', mentioning your email address that is experiencing this problem -- and we'll look into the root of the problem. Regards, Andrew

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