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Question asked by Craig Cyphers - 12/29/2014 at 2:00 PM
Quick question.  I'm going to set up SmarterMail as an email server for my family.  Do I need to have a domain registered in order to use SmartMail or just set one up within the program?  Looked at the videos and it seems like all you do is set one up in the program itself.
Hope that makes sense.

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WebControl GmbH Replied
of course you need a valid domainname so that your family can receive any mails. But the domain registration isnt done within smartermail this you have to do via an isp
Bruce Barnes Replied
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You'll need a registered domain, static IP address, and at least two DNS servers.
E-Mail servers will NOT work when connected to NON-STATIC IP addresses because you must set up an rDNS with your provider and must have a static IP address to do so.
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John Marx Replied
It may be easiest to signup with someone that already has a SmarterMail server setup. It won't be free but saves from administration, updates, backups, etc. I know we, as well as many on this forum, offer SmarterMail as an option for people.
Richard Bordley Replied
You can use Smartermail either way.  You can have your own domain or you can set up a domain in the software and then import your email from other providers; i.e., google, cox, comcast, etc....  That's  how i'm using it right now.
All of my email are retrieved from my cox account and into Smartermail.  Once downloaded from my cox provider, it is deleted.  The accounts on my Smartermail server goes out and checks external email boxes every 5 to 10 minutes; downloads any new email and remove them from the external servers.  All of my devices; i.e., cell phones, tablets, and computers all get their email updates from my Smartermail server.
It may sound complicated, but it's not.  I will eventually switch over to my own domain, but for now this is working out well.

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