Install Smartermail 10.7 on iPhone with IOS 7.1
Question asked by John Goff - 6/13/2014 at 1:03 PM
I have a client that changed his password on his Webmail/ Smartermail account and when he goes to his iPhone 5s he changes it there but it only receives email, it wont send email. What is the resolution?

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Randy Armbrecht Replied
On all iOS's you need to edit the password in both the incoming and outgoing settings.
When you go into an email acocunt settings in iOS, you will see:
Incoming Server
Outgoing Server
Advanced Settings
This "Advanced Settings" is the Incoming advanced settings. The SMTP Advanced settings tends to hide itself....to get to the SMTP Advanced Settings, go the the SMTP Outgoing Server, click on the server in the list, then you will see the advanced SMTP settings.

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