mail is not delivered to rediffmail server
Problem reported by mehulkumar kiri - 12/23/2014 at 9:18 AM
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dear Friend,
When we are tried to send mail to any rediffmail.com domain mails are not delivered, It shown hte following error.
Reason: Remote host said: 553 sorry, invalid HELO hostname (#5.7.1)
Please look in to the matter.
we can send gmail yahoo or any other domain user but only rediffmail it not work.

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Hello Mehulkuma,
Thank you for the inquiry. I would take a look at the General Settings for the Server Info to see what you have in the Hostname field. I presume the issue is the Hostname is not using a fully qualified domain name and the error is presented.
Log into SmarterMail as the System Administrator. Click on Settings | General Settings | Server Info | Hostname.
Please ensure you have the full address, such as [mail.domain.com] in the hostname field.  This should resolve the issue with you sending to various web addresses.
Please let us know if you need further assistance.
Thank You.
we unable to send rediffmail in qmail server message is flash that Remote host said: 553 sorry, invalid HELO hostname (#5.7.1) Giving up on
mehulkumar kiri Replied
Dear Joe , Thanks for your valuable reply but when i am login in smartermail with admin user i found setting|General Setting but i dont found any server info and hostname. Please help and thanks for your valubale reply. Waiting for your reply. Mehul kumar
Please look in to the matter
Steve Reid Replied
You need to either login with system administrator, or contact the person that controls that login.

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