IPhone 6 and SmarterMail v7 - IMAP sync issue
Problem reported by KaiLong Ng - 12/19/2014 at 12:30 AM
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We have a customer which are having problem to sync his SmarterMail v7.x email account with his IPhone 6 using IMAP connection. It shows it is fetching the email but no further progress after that. We have done some testings on several devices such as IPhone 5, IPad and other android devices and all the testing were working fine. Does anyone encountered this problem with the new IPhone 6?

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Steve Reid Replied
You should strongly consider upgrading to the latest version 13. Many improvements have been made.
KaiLong Ng Replied
Yes, we would recommend that to our customer. However, it is not cost wise for the upgrade due to the frequent release for SmarterMail and it does not allow them to upgrade without purchasing a new license on the newer version. We were just wondering if there is any reported/similar issue on this sync issue so that we may refer on it.
Employee Replied
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Hello KaiLong,
Thanks for the inquiry. As far as I'm aware we have not received any reports with IMAP connectivity issues when using an iPhone 6x model. Although you are using a legacy version of SmarterMail we would not be in a position to troubleshoot or correct that specific version if there was an issue found.  If you would provide us with a sample of the IMAP logs we may be able to see if there is any connectivity messages.
I also suggest to upgrade to the current build of SmarterMail 7x that you are allowed if possible. If you are able to obtain a license for SmarterMail 13x please let us know if you observe the same behavior.
Thank You.
Hany Sobhy Replied
On iPhone 6s, I had to re-enter the username and password for the Outgoing server "optional" settings again and marked the Password method in Authentication for the server settings. otherwise I kept receiving < rsp: 550 Authentication is required for relay >

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