Webmail on iOS 8 SM 5 and Old versions
Question asked by Damian Zamora - 12/18/2014 at 2:54 PM
We noticed that some customers on SM 5 have lost the ability to view emails on iOS8.x ipads and iphones.  Oddly they can do everything else, list emails, delete, etc.  This might also be an issue with other older versions of SM.  This is a very small number of customers but I would like to know if someone has found a work around these issues.  We are planning for an update but that might not happen in a near future and we also have customers with their own SM license that might not be able to upgrade their version soon.

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Joe Wolf Replied
You can install an alternative webmail system for those that don't like the SmarterMail webmail or can't use it. We offer roundcube as an alternative for all customers, but SquirrelMail is another popular option. Additionally there are online options like mail2web.com that some people use. It's run by a reputable company, but revealing the username and password to a third party service imposes additional risks. -Joe
Thanks, -Joe
Steve Reid Replied
I really doubt that there are many people still running such an old version. I'm surprised it's latest you this long with how quick the devices change.

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