Site tuning issue - no result in By Severity/Type but got number count in details
Problem reported by Tony Bartlett - 12/16/2014 at 10:49 PM
I am having issue with displaying Site Tuning report. I see the

Status: Scan completed


High Severity: 324

Medium Severity: 1,253

Low Severity: 1,014

but I can't view site tuning results by the severity of the issue(s) or by the type(s) of issue.

All are displaying "For detailed explanations of site tuning errors, please refer to the SmarterStats Online Help. "

And here are the JavaScript errors

Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery-all.ashx:4
SyntaxError: syntax error frmSiteTuningErrors.aspx:237


Any idea what is going wrong?



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CWC Replied
This also happened to me, I restarted my windows server that's running SmarterStats and then went back into Site Tuning and now I can click on High Severity: Medium Severity: Low Severity: and see my results.....soon as you do scan again then your back to not being able to see the results. I would say this is a bug.
Tony Bartlett Replied
It works! Thankyou.
Grady Werner Replied
Employee Post
This has been confirmed as a bug and is fixed for the next minor release of SmarterStats 10.
Grady Werner SmarterTools Inc. www.smartertools.com

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