"BAD LOGIN not allowed in Selected state" and "DONE BAD Command does not exist or is not implemented" - IMAP log entries from Thunderbird
Problem reported by Webio - 12/16/2014 at 3:11 AM
more and more clients and also myself are having issues with accessing their mailboxes using Thunderbird and IMAP. Since I'm also experiencing similar issue I've started digging IMAP log file and this is what I've found:
[2014.12.16] 10:53:45 [MYIPADDRESS][14885887] command: 45 IDLE
[2014.12.16] 10:53:45 [MYIPADDRESS][14885887] command: DONE
[2014.12.16] 10:53:45 [MYIPADDRESS][14885887] response: DONE BAD Command does not exist or is not implemented
[2014.12.16] 10:53:46 [MYIPADDRESS][14885887] command: 47 login "MYEMAILADDRESS" XXXX
[2014.12.16] 10:53:46 [MYIPADDRESS][14885887] response: 47 BAD LOGIN not allowed in Selected state
[2014.12.16] 10:53:46 [MYIPADDRESS][14885887] disconnected at 2014-12-16 10:53:46
Does someone is experiencing similar issue? My client tells me that if he keep pusing try again to log in (without changing password) after 10th time Thunderbird stops asking for password and it starts working correctly again to next issue. On my end I'm just closing Thunderbird and opening it again.
EDIT: I'm using Thunderbird 34. It looks that someone experienced this problem some time ago:
and there is information that:
People from SmarterTools found a source of this problem. The description can be found here: http://forums.smartertools.com/forums/permalink/32233/32218/ShowThread.aspx#32218 

Thanks for help, tanstaafl.
but link is not working. I've also counted how many times "BAD LOGIN not allowed in Selected state" has appeared in IMAP logs yesterday and it is 174. "DONE BAD Command does not exist or is not implemented" appeared in IMAP log 232 times.

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