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Question asked by Shane Hollis - 12/15/2014 at 8:54 PM
If smarter stats is able to monitor 1000s of websites across multiple domains etc - it would make sense to be able to let the owners of those domains log in to view some or all oftheir own statistics.
Does smarter stats give you the ability to:
1 - Create log ins for ender user clients 9e.g. I'm a web hoster with abc.com, xyz.com and jbloogs.org as clients. Can the owners of those sites log in to see stats for olny their domains.
2 - If end users can log in can we restrict the reporting they can see or set up auto mailing of reports.
sorry if this seems obvious but couldn't see it in the web help.

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With SmarterStats each site would have their own unique login per users.  Then once the users logs in they will only have access to reports about their web site and no other websites.  SmarterStats is designed to do this so there is no special configuration needed.

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