Does Forwarding "count" as Outgoing Messages in traffic?
Question asked by E. Keith Dodd - 12/15/2014 at 4:33 AM
I have an account address that is set up only to forward any incoming to an address on another domain.
Just noticed a significant number of "outgoing messages" for that account in my reports section. If those forwards "count" as outgoing messages, then the report makes sense.
If, however, the forwards do NOT count as outgoing messages, then perhaps the account is being hijacked to send spam.
Appreciate anyone's clarification.

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Keith, any remote delivery increments the outgoing message count.  Because you have an account address set up to forward to another domain, it makes sense that you have seen an increase in outgoing messages.
E. Keith Dodd Replied
Thanks! Glad then I don't have to worry that it's being used for sending spam.

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