Is it possbile to search all the mailboxes in a domain?
Question asked by Robert Polk - December 12, 2014 at 1:43 PM
I would like to be able to search for all emails matching a particular criteria (specific from, to, subject, etc...) across all the mailboxes in our organization. If this cannot be done is it possible to search each mailbox one by one without logging into each one, similar to the Search-Mailbox command in Exchange.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Robert,
If you have message archiving enabled for all domains you can do a message archive search. This allows you to filter by date, From address, To address and Subject. You can also impersonate users. Doing this allows you to view and search their mailbox without actually logging in with their username and password. Both of these functions can be found when logged in as a System Administrator at the Manage section.
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We use LDAP so impersonate does not work. So, message archiving would be our only option then?

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