Make the Manage Spool interface -actually smart-
Idea shared by Mike Hodson - 12/11/2014 at 9:51 PM
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So your mail server keeps wonderful logs.  I much prefer the log format to that of Exim for example.
All the inter-delivery-chain correlation that is provided by watching an incoming message be saved to a timesamp-named file, which is logged as such, and is present in the spool directory, is very useful.
However in absolutely nowhere in the web interface can I find any representation of what the .hdr file contains.
I need to know if an authenticated user has sent the message - and would prefer to simply go to view the message in the GUI to do such.  I don't want to dig into the filesystem and look for the .hdr file that matches the message filename/id and then see "auth user@somelocaldomain"
Why in 13 versions haven't you found this as useful of a feature to present blatantly to the admin who is attempting to find out where the spam is coming from?
What method _do you yourselves_ use to determine if the crap in-spool is authenticated local user? or otherwise remotely originated?  I cannot find a single representation of such in the GUI.  So I can only guess you as well relegate to logs and viewing the actual spool files to get this info.
It doesn't work too well for remote admins...
Please put some view of either locally authenticated vs remote origination in the spool view.

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Some other things to consider for spool interface: http://portal.smartertools.com/community/a653/group-spool-messages-by-sender-and-order-by-grouped-mails-number.aspx No one from ST responded there :/
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Mike, thank you for your suggestion.  I have added this idea to our features request list for further consideration by our devs.  We will be discussing this and other spool management features (like Webio's message grouping by sender) that can be added in a future release.
Here's my suggestion for Spool Management, especially when the server is backlogged due to thousands of messages in spool:
Add a few new columns to the UI.
  • Subject -- sort and delete all the spam messages (Walk-In Bathtubs, Viagra for Cheap, etc.)
  • Recipient -- to quickly remove all the messages from Irena, my Russian Bride, or force delivery, change priority, etc. for certain recipients/domains.
  • Status -- See why the message is in spool (example: Failed to connect to recipients mail server. No MX records were found)
Right now you have to open each message individually to see these things which is time consuming when you're trying to do mass updates (clean things up).
You could remove File Name and Spool Path (make it available with a menu option) if you need to make some room.
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Kevin, I have added your suggestion to the other suggestions related to spool management to our features request list for further consideration and discussion by the dev. team.
Sounds good. Thanks.

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