Event is not triggered in case of user disk space used BETWEEN 75% and 95%
Problem reported by Wolfgang Resnicek - 12/9/2014 at 2:37 AM
To keep our customers informed about their usage of disk space I have created following event:
Event Category: User
Event Type: User Disk Space Used
Mailbox Usage (%) between 75 and 95
Actions: send email to #emailaddress#
Problem Nr. 1: This event is never triggered
Problem Nr. 2: When trying to edit this event only 1 field for Mailbox Usage (%) is displayed (in this example 75)

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CCWH Replied
We had a good few issues getting our Events working.
Here's how ours is configured when a mailbox goes above 85%:
Conditions -
Action -
(Note - As this SM Community does not allow image uploads I have hosted on our server, however at some point they will be removed, hopefully SM auto-copy to their own servers)
Steve Reid Replied
Screenshots are not loading for me
CCWH Replied
Just tested from a few different locations and they are still showing from my side?
This don't work at 12.3 version. What's version you are using?

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