Notes synchronisation - confusing help and knowledge base entries
Question asked by Webio - 12/9/2014 at 2:33 AM
how notes can be synchronised between Outlook 2013 and SmarterMail Server? Lets take a look here:
Where we have first info:
SmarterMail is a powerful collaboration mail server that supports the synchronization of emails, calendars, tasks, notes, and contacts on desktop applications like Microsoft Outlook and over-the-air synchronization for most popular mobile devices and tablets.
where notes are mentioned but there are no information about notes synchronisation across all proposed scenarios. So are they suppose to be synchronised or not?
In Activesync protocol description in another KB article:
we have
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) is available as an optional add-on to a SmarterMail Enterprise license. EAS uses direct push technology to sync email, calendars, and contacts, as well as tasks, notes and folders on those supported devices, in real time to smartphones, tablets, and Outlook 2013. Below is an explanation of the EAS push functionality when used with SmarterMail. 
so now I'm asking they are or not being synchronised?

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Employee Replied
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Good day Webio,
Thanks for the inquiry.  As of SmarterMail 12.1.5224x we do support and have Notes synchronized with SmarterMail. 
  • FIXED: Syncing notes using Exchange ActiveSync now functions correctly.
  • FIXED: Syncing notes using Exchange Web Services now functions correctly on Outlook 2011 for OSX.
Please confirm that you are on the current release of SmarterMail and if you have any further difficulties to reach out to our Support team and submit a ticket.
Thank You.
Webio Replied
Hello, I've created support ticket for tasks and notes sync. Tasks sync only SM -> Outlook (I can edit tasks from Outlook but they must be created in SM Web interface and during saving task categories are being lost and converted to N/A in SM Web Interface) and notes are not being synchronised at all. Regards
Bruno Carlos Replied
We have SmarterMail Enterprise Edition - Version 13.4.5603 and Notes are not sync in both ways (Webmail <-> Outlook 2013)
Everything works fine using EAS, except the Notes. 
The problem only occurs in Outlook, on the same account in iOS the Notes sync without any problem.
There is any solution for this?
Joey Proctor Replied
Has this been resolved?

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