How to bypass an outbound gateway?
Question asked by Douglas Foster - 5/6/2014 at 10:08 AM
I would like to use an Outbound Gateway for all mail destined to the Internet, but I would like to connect directly for messages heading to another internal mail domain (which is hosted on an Exchange server).   I cannot find any way to bypass the outbound gateway, but it seems like this should not be an unusual request.
Sender priorities don't work because I want to route based on the recipient address, not the senders address.
The options I know how to configure are (a) never use the outbound gateway, or (b) always use the outbound gateway.

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What you can do is create an inbound gateway and change the mode to Domain Forward.  Then put in the IP address of your internal exchange server and in the Domain's tab and then the emails should bypass the outbound gateway and go to the Exchange server.  

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