Idea shared by Richard Frank - May 18 at 8:06 AM
Just something I ran into.
I just moved to a new server win2016 and noticed a lot of drive activity from msmpeng.exe in spool and log directory.
msmpeng.exe scans for malware as part of windows defender.
I excluded the complete smartermail directory containing domains logs spool.
Maybe it's something you want to do too, or want to do partially.
just open windows defender and go to settings, you'll find how to exclude files and/or folders

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Matt Petty Replied
May 18 at 8:10 AM
Employee Post
SmarterMail 16 makes exclusions now for .GRP, .CFG, .EML files. This won't affect the spool but we did these other filetypes because we noticed some slowdown involving Defender when doing heavy I/O related stuff in mailboxes, Moving large amount of emails, etc.
I could understand doing the spool but I could see Defender possibly blocking things it sees coming into the spool. Not sure if its something we'd wanna do automatically but I could see about having this suggestion put into our help documentatio. Thanks for bringing it up.
Matt Petty
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SmarterTools Inc.
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