Working with Contacts in SM16
Problem reported by kevind - May 18 at 6:31 AM
Not sure if you want to stay compatible with IE11 (I think a few people still use it). Here are a couple issues with Contacts in SM 16.0.6345:
First, it seems like it takes a long time to open the pop out window. Just go to Contacts and click New. It takes 3-4 seconds to fill in the window. It's faster with Chrome, but there's still a delay.
Second, when you edit a contact and click any of the buttons at the top (Save, Cancel, Delete), IE pops up an annoying window asking if you want to leave this page.

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Matt Petty Replied
May 18 at 8:19 AM
Employee Post
There are some long running tasks that run once after upgrading. We have some cleanup code that runs once relating to conference rooms, there were issues in 15 with conference rooms losing what event they were bound to so we run a task that cleans them. This requires checking every calendar for every user for each domain. It's pretty fast but if you have a lot of users it could run for a bit. We also have a similar check for file storage.
You can check to see if the conference room cleaner has finished by checking for this line in your mailConfig.xml
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kevind Replied
May 19 at 6:18 AM
New installation with just a few users, and it's still slow loading/editing contacts.
Can you duplicate IE problem with closing the window?
Also, here's another item to fix. When you load a picture for a contact, it stretches or condenses the picture to fit the square box which makes the person look funny. This happens with all browsers. For example, when I load this pic of the president into my contacts, it shrinks to make him look skinny.
Most photos are not square, so can it just crop it instead? 

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