Server/OS move and SM 16
Question asked by Brian Esperson - May 7 at 9:51 PM
I have a question regarding multiple moves, what I did and would like verification going forward please.
Given the issues with Server 2008, I decided to migrate the my current SM 15.x to Server 2012.  The process for that was as follows:
1, Install Server 2012 and Pre-Reqs (IIS, .NET etc)
2. Install SM 15.x (matches current version)
3. Shutdown services
4. Copied DOMAINS and .XML/.DAT files to new server
5. Started services, verified and bound to new IP
This worked fine
Upgrade to SM 16.x BETA
1, Uninstalled SM 15.x
2. Upgraded/Installed 16.x BETA
This also worked
My question is, can I just copy the /DOMAINS over now to get my mail over to the new server once SM 16 goes GA? Are there changes to the .GRP files or other files in the SM 15.x DOMAINS folder that get upgraded or is the format the same?  I have done it a number of times to "refresh" the mail on the test server and it seems to be fine, but would like verification if this in indeed OK and supported.
Many thanks... looks great!

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Andrea Rogers Replied
May 8 at 1:21 PM
Employee Post
Hi Brian,
The format is the same from 15.x to 16.x, so you should be ok to move forward with that plan of action! 
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