Google malware false positive
Problem reported by sam - May 3 at 2:25 PM
Hi all,
I see this has also been posted by a few others in the past.

Google has deemed our Smartermail 14.5 login.aspx webmail page as "Deceptive site ahead".
This is obviously a problem for our users.
I have checked the Smartermail files and server over many times and there are no changed files, no malware, no code injections etc.

The only conclusion I can come to is that the way that login.aspx is coded and the way some javascript variables are named it is deeming it to be injected.

I submitted the site for re-review with Google and it came back fast with the same problem.
I re-submitted it again explaining it was a Smartermail login page and was clean and not heard back from them for over 48 hours...

Any ideas how I can resolve this annoying issue?
Thanks for any help.

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Rod Lasky Replied
May 3 at 3:24 PM
Employee Post
Hi Sam.  This KB Article should help you.   Google Safe Browsing Warning and SmarterMail
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