still can't search using chinese and mail content can't display in safari
Problem reported by li zhibin - April 20 at 8:01 PM
Being Fixed
1,about the search ,i have report 3 times,and the problem still exist.when i search one chinese character ,i can get the result,but when i search 2 or more chinese character i get nothing
2,the mail content display nothing when i using safari,the mail content just display nothing .
3,there is no notification anymore,i need refresh the page to check if is there any new mail in the mail box.the number beside the folder can't be updated automated except i refresh the page.
4, i think you can set the home page customizable, system admin and domain admin can set the block that he want to display ,like rss news(we can set the rss feed when set the block),announce ,and more!

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Andrea Rogers Replied
April 24 at 12:13 PM
Employee Post
Hello Li,
Our CEO, Tim Uzzanti, replied to these items in another thread, and I wanted to update your post here as well:
1) We are experimenting with this. Our indexing engine, Lucene, needs to be updated for better support. This is something we are evaluating, but its a big undertaking.
2) This will be fixed.
3) Is this occurring on the phone? It is working properly on desktop from what we can see. If you're experiencing this on desktop, what browser are you using?
4) At this time, the Home / My Today Page has been removed, as we are focusing on a more useful overall application that doesn't have a requirement for that page. That said, I understand that some users may wish to preserve the Home Page. I would encourage you to start a new thread in the standard SmarterMail category as a Proposed Idea to bring this page back. It may be something that can be added in a future version of SmarterMail. 
Andrea Rogers
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