Random problem of replacing recipients
Problem reported by Jean-Guy Dubois - March 17 at 3:10 AM
I opened a support ticket two month ago about this problem. Without correction for the moment.

Since upgrading from v14.x to v15.x, Some Outlook 2013 users have seen their recipients replaced by others in the messaging domain.
For example : jerry@mydomain.com becomes john@mydomain.com
The replacement occurs when sending.
It seems that the wrong recipient is always the next item in the Gloable Address List
The wrong recipient appears in the sent items and the server logs show that Outlook has requested sending to the wrong recipient.
The problem was reproducible with the same recipients.

I understood that Outlook's autocompletion played a role. Emptying the cache eliminated the problem. But not its reappearance in a random way, for random recipients.
As a result I have disabled the auto completion of Outlook.

The frequency of the problem was reduced but I had new cases since.
This time the problem was not reproducible. A second sends, to the replaced recipients the first time, was done correctly.

Without autocompletion, users rely on the global address book that is synchronized through sharepoint link.
We encounter the problem only between addresses of the only domain managed by the server. Addresses that are in the GAL.

We have never had such a problem for years, until the update of v14.x to v15.x

Has anyone else got the problem?
If yes, what info did I not show?

Thank you.

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Steve Vibert Replied
May 8 at 8:38 AM
Yes, we know this issue well and it's happened to us 3 times since we "upgraded" from v14 to v15 last October.  We've had a number of tickets opened and SmarterTools has been pretty unresponsive about getting this fixed now that all of the devs appear to be working on v16.  Overall the situation sucks and we're looking at moving to Exchange. 
We've supplied ST support with lots of info including videos that show the problem, screenshots that show duplicate entries in the Outlook GAL SharePoint list, errors we've found in the GAL SharePoint list using MFCMAPI (https://mfcmapi.codeplex.com/), etc. but have seen little to nothing in return. This is a completely unacceptable bug with significant confidentiality issues. We've had the wrong staff receive salary and compensation communications. And the worst part is that it's completely unpredictable--we're at the point where we have ZERO confidence in the product.  Other than the "sorry for the inconvenience" token response, support has done little more than to tell us there's nothing they can do because all of the devs are working on getting v16 out the door.
We've been a happy customer since 2008 and it's pretty disappointing to get kicked to the curb this way.

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