Critical bug : SMTP blocking can not block catch all users from receiving or sending Emails
Problem reported by Nicolas Nicolas - February 17 at 10:41 PM
 We have a Smarter Mail (15.x and 14X) with Enterprise  license, we have so many domains on our servers.
The issues is that when we block one of our users’ domain e.g. domain.com in SMTP blocking (setting>> Block type : EHlo domain , Direction : both) it just block the existing users from receiving emails but catch all accounts and also domain aliases are still receiving emails. That means if you send an email to info@domain.com the message will be rejected but if you send email to a none existing address such as fake@domain.com it would be received by the catch all address. some of our clients are using this bug to get through the SMTP blocking and forward all of their received mails to another email address. So, we still have incoming and outgoing emails for blocked domains.

Please check this issue and tell us how we can fix this importantbug.
Thanks for your soon reply

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Nicolas Nicolas Replied
February 20 at 9:08 AM
Dear  Matthew Leyda : 
Thanks for your reply.
We know how to disable catch-all feature. 
We have a shared hosting mail server and we can not ask our clients to not use catch-all feature,because of this bug!
The catch-all feature should be enabled for all mail domains, so we expect SmarterTools to show us a logic solution or fix the bug in future updates.
Nicolas Nicolas Replied
February 28 at 8:29 PM
Matthew Leyda 
why you repeated same answer twice?!
I said before that we know how to disable catch-all account!  our customers need catch-all account and need this feature.
Please let the SmarterTools experts to check this bug and tell us some technical solution. 
Curtis Kropar www.HawaiianHope.org Replied
March 1 at 5:45 PM
In case you did not understand, what Matthew is saying is that you can keep the catch all for the entire server, but disable it ONLY on the domain that you are trying to block.
Your last responses sounds like you think it will turn it off for the entire server.  It will still work for everyone else, none of your other customers will be affected.
This can be helpful temporarily.
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