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Idea shared by Neal Culiner - February 2 at 8:38 AM
Under Consideration
Consider making available a DEMO site that those of us that do not want to install the beta can login to client and admin to view the design and provide feedback. E-commerce products and forum products often do this so we can review without any installation required.  Or setup a demo site per user, however, but it would be nice to see what yuo have going on and help with the feedback without installation required on my server.

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Tim Uzzanti Replied
March 28 at 3:11 PM
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We will take this into consideration moving forward.  I can see the benefit.
Tim Uzzanti
SmarterTools Inc.
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Curtis Kropar www.HawaiianHope.org Replied
April 1 at 10:59 PM
Yes, Agreed... again.
a) A demo site of the latest live product.
b) A demo site of the BETA Product.
Sorry but,
1) Like many people  here, we have multiple duties, including not only being a tech, but being the upper management and actually dealing with the normal day to day complications of running an organization.  I don't have the time to fire up another server, install smarter mail, hope the install goes perfect or potentially troubleshoot it... All before I can actually test what i want to look at.  
2) Besides, we use off site virtual servers, so that will cost us additional money to fire up the servers, for storage, ram and CPU usage while doing the testing. Or, yes, i can set up a real server here in the office, but then see point #1 above - no time.
Thank you ~
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