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Problem reported by Shaun Peet - January 23 at 1:43 PM
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I'm trying out SM16 beta and trying to keep an open mind - but it's so much different than before I'm really hoping that we as administrators don't spend more time administrating, and even more importantly, I'm hoping our users don't get completely lost (which means more time providing support).  First impressions are not positive, but again I'm trying to keep an open mind about it.
I "think" one of the goals of SM16 (and SmarterMail since the first version) is to eliminate the need for the end-user to have an email client and instead use this new universal responsive webmail interface.  I'm not convinced that's what people actually want given that all form factors from desktop to mobile have good free email consuming apps or programs, but I'll go along with it.
So with that in mind I'm testing things out on my iPhone 6 using Safari and it's virtually unusable.  Things don't appear to be "responsive" down to the size of a phone (either landscape or portrait), and to make things worse, horizontal scrolling isn't available.  I cannot read emails for example without collapsing the folder pane.  Even then, the pane for viewing the message is extremely narrow and doesn't display well.
To be fair I had never even logged into the mobile version of SM15 or before, so perhaps these problems exist there too.  But that statement echoes that maybe there isn't even a need for a phone-size form factor webmail interface.  If there is a need (and I'm open to convincing that there is) then it needs to work much better than now.  I'd rather the core engine of SM16 be the focus, but maybe that's just me.
With the BETA expiring in less than a month it appears that things are quite a long ways away from being ready.  I hope that the core mailservice.exe engine is further along (or is a higher priority).
I'll keep testing but my enthusiasm for v16 has diminished quite a bit once playing around with it :(

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Neil Harvey Replied
January 23 at 3:59 PM
Hi Shaun,
I have not yet installed the beta but would point you to this in Andrea's post on the beta thread
Mobile Interface Compatibility - This is coming, but it must be done last.  It is essential to finalize the desktop interface with all the functionality and then utilize the technologies that we have in place to work well on mobile and tablets.
Andrea Rogers Replied
March 28 at 3:20 PM
Employee Post
Hey Shaun,
Many mobile improvements have been made since the latest build, 16.0.6292. We're still finalizing some sections, so there are a few areas that we know need some more tweaking. Check it out though and let us know if you find! 
Andrea Rogers
Communications Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Tim Uzzanti Replied
March 28 at 3:52 PM
Employee Post
Wait till next week to look at the administration side for Mobile and Tablet.
Because the Webmail side is SIGNIFICANTLY more complicated we have been focusing on making it 100% Mobile and Tablet friendly.  Were just about done and then we will be simply moving much of what we did to the administration side.
If you haven't noticed, there are significantly less settings pages and areas to get lost in compared to SmarterMail 15.x.  Absolutely EVERY aspect of SmarterMail was re-evaluated to ensure things were easier to find and that you could do more things in one place. 
In our A/B testing, users who had no experience with SmarterMail 15.x or 16.x found features much faster in 16.x!
That is not to say, some users who are familiar with SmarterMail 15.x will do the ... hmm where is it now process....  But, that is why there are some elements like the left navigation that haven't changed because we wanted things to feel familiar while also introducing a much more streamlined interface.
Hope this helps,
Tim Uzzanti
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278

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