Antispam Custom Rules - Regex
Question asked by Jay Altemoos - January 5 at 12:04 PM
So I have a weird issue happening that maybe someone could shed some light on. I have a few RegEx custom rules setup for Anti-spam. One of the rules fire off on emails that don't include the regex words it looking for.
For example I have a regex setup to trap for the word viagra in the raw content of the message. The RegEx is as follows:
I used a program I found online called RegEx Coach to test the rule and it appears to work in the software, but for whatever reason the SM Antispam claims the word viagra is in the raw content somewhere when it clearly is not. i view the raw content with a text editor(Notepad++) searched for viagra and also used the regex I placed above and found nothing in the message other than the listing that SM puts in the header for that rule which I have named Viagra-RC. For now I shut off the custom rules because now I can't trust them. Does SM use standard regex rules? Or is this feature broken in 15.4.6151?

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