User contact master categories missing all of the sudden
Problem reported by Jay Altemoos - July 11, 2016 at 6:35 AM
Good day everyone.
This morning I had a user call in to mention that all their master categories they created are now missing. They have been creating them over the past several months and assigning them to whatever contacts they wanted to. Where are the mater categories stored for each user? I looked under this user's folder on the server and didn't see anything relating to this. I even took a peak at the  address book but didn't see anything pertaining to categories in there. Is the master categories for each user a database file or an XML file? And where is it stored?  I have rotating backups on the mail server everyday so worst case scenario if the categories disappeared over the weekend I can restore if from last week.
I appreciate any assistance.
Thank you.

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Rod Lasky Replied
July 11, 2016 at 12:12 PM
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Hi Jay.  The Master Categories are stored in an XML file at the end-user level.  By default, they're located at:
C:\ SmarterMail \ Domains \ [DOMAIN] \ Users \ [USER] \ userConfig.xml
In the code, you'll be searching for:
I hope this helps.
Rod Lasky
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Jay Altemoos Replied
July 11, 2016 at 12:23 PM
So I found out how to fix this issue after searching through my backups. So if anyone else runs into this situation, here's how to fix it. Still doesn't tell me how this happened in the first place, but it only happened to one user and not the rest of the users I have on the mail server.
Here's the location of the Master Category list, it's located under each individual user account in the SmarterMail folder. The same user folder that would house their email. The Master Category list is located in userConfig.xml and is located between </Contact> and <Signatures>. It would look like this:
    <Category>(whatever the name is)</Category>
    <Category>(whatever the name is)</Category>
    <Category>(whatever the name is)</Category>
    <Category>(whatever the name is)</Category>
Now in the case of this particular user, the <ContactCategories></ContactCategories> section was totally gone from their userConfig.xml file. So I had to put this section back in thier file and then restart the SmarterMail service. Now their Master Categories are back again. Now with that said, their AddressBook.xml file also had the <Category></Category> missing from each individual contact that they previously had assigned. So I had to restore a previous backup of AddressBook.xml from a few days ago to get their contacts back to whatever Category that was originally assigned to them. If you wanted to, you could put the categories back manually, but it would be much faster and easier to replace the file from a backup and the you have to restart the SmarterMail service again.
Hopefully this helps someone out if they run into this situation.

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