Barracuda Message Archiver Integration
Question asked by Brent Schroeder - June 6, 2016 at 10:22 AM
I am trying to implement a Barracuda Message archiver in order to move the archiving from our mail server, over to a dedicated appliance.  The way this is done for non-exchange servers is through SMTP forwarding, but I am not able to find any way to complete this in smaretermail.  Essentially what I need is for every email sent or received to be forwarded to the Barracuda device (Internal and external emails).  Any ideas/suggestions?

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Assin Ontivi Replied
June 6, 2016 at 3:20 PM
Not sure if you can do this directly in SM using their rules - I don't know if the rules now allow continuing to the next rule after a rule is executed so...
You might try Ultimate Spool Manager from mightyblue.com. I think it's still supported with the latest versions of SM. You can put wildcards in as addresses, and it should be able to relay everything coming or going, while still delivering incoming/outgoing emails to their originally-intended recipient. 
What I do for archiving doesn't require an appliance: I just have SM set to archive everything, coming and going, and then do good backups. This way we simply have EVERYTHING, and multiple copies of it. All emails are compressed in the archive, so it doesn't take much disk space. YMMV depending on total email volume, of course.
Paul Blank Replied
June 11, 2016 at 8:04 AM
There are now a couple of choices for this issue in this thread.
I am doing exactly that (it appears) with Ultimate Spool Manager; I set up an archive email account for one user - in this case a separate SM user, which gives them all their incoming and outgoing emails. Works fine. No reason this could not be set up for more users as desired. The user could, intentionally or not, of course, delete emails from this account, but they remain in the SM message archive anyway.
Good to hear that your Barracuda solution is working, so this reply is for others who may have a similar need.
It has been mentioned elsewhere in this forum that the "Declude for SmarterMail" product will also do this filtering, even if you do not activate Declude's anti-spam filtering:
I have not tried it - YMMV.

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