unlocktheinbox reports now pay
Question asked by Brian Ellwood - April 18, 2016 at 9:56 AM
It looks like Unlocktheinbox is trying capitalize on the success of its email diagnostic tool (and rightfully so)
Does anyone here know if they offer any options outside $5 for 5 reports or $20/mn for 10 reports + other tools?
I work for an ISP/datacenter and we'd like something between those so we can have our customers who are having issues run the mailtest@ reports so we can aid them in fixing their issues.
$5 one-time doesn't suit us and $20/mn for 10 reports we may or may not use (and monitoring we wont use) seems like money out the window for unused services.
I did try reaching out and did not hear back.
I'm more than glad to pay for a service level that works for us.
P.S Smartertools, this would be an amazing tool to have built into Smartermail

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