vps or not for new server
Question asked by Richard Frank - January 22, 2016 at 1:49 PM
I am planning to buy a new server. I know that ST used to advise a physical server for smartermail, but we are a few years further now then when I read that advise.
With the servers of today, is it still advised to install SM server on a physical box or are servers speedy enough.
I have some 1200 users, and the server I now use is still easily capable of handling the mail. The server hardware is now 7 years old win 2008 sp2 (not R2)

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Matthew Titley Replied
January 23, 2016 at 11:41 AM
I've been running SmarterMail as a virtual server for many years. My physical server is an HP Proliant running Windows 2012 R2 and Hyper-V. SmarterMail is running on a Windows 2012 R2 virtual machine. Let me list just a few of the advantages.
1:) Live Migration to another server with no downtime.
2.) The ability to make a snapshot (checkpoint) at any time and then revert to it quickly with a few mouse clicks. This is a great feature to have before a major upgrade.
3.) Backup and restore without having to turn off/reboot physical server
4.) Easy to add/expand/shrink storage with no downtime.
5.) Add memory or cpu resources from the Hyper-V console, all it takes is a quick VM reboot.
6.) Real time replication/mirroring to a second server, built in to the OS at the Hyper-V level, whether local or at another hosting facility for serious redundancy.
7.) Create and manage virtual switches and virtual LANs from the Windows Hyper-V console.
8.) All of this is included in one Windows 2012 R2 license.
I just couldn't fathom going back to a physical server as an application server for love nor money!
Paul Blank Replied
January 25, 2016 at 6:20 AM
Thanks for the comprehensive response, and I'm not even the one who posted the question!
Richard Frank Replied
January 25, 2016 at 6:44 AM
Now I am forced to express my gratitude too :)
But indeed, I know there are already huge sites running on VMWare/hyper-v, so also mail must be no problem

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