Notify User when Sharing a Resource
Idea shared by kevind - December 15, 2015 at 9:25 AM
A co-worker shared some Tasks with me. I didn't know about it until several weeks later when he told me. Suggest that SmarterMail automatically notify the recipient when a resource (Contacts, Calendars, Folders, etc.) is shared with them. You can't expect users to check Settings -> Sharing -> Mapped Resources on a daily basis. :-)
Here are a couple options:
  • Alert the user when they login with the Reminders pop-up window.
  • Send the user an email when something is shared with them.
You could even add the resource automatically instead of requiring the user to attach. For example, when you share a file in Google Drive, it sends an email and shows it in the recipient's Drive with no need to attach.
This has already been discussed, but possibly got lost as the original post is marked Answered:

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kevind Replied
December 18, 2015 at 8:52 AM
Thanks to Curtis (HawaiianHope.org) for pointing out that when you go into Domain Settings -> Shared Resources, there is an option to do automatic mapping! Unfortunately, this only works if you're sharing a calendar, but it's a start.
After using Domain Settings -> Shared Resources, here are some suggestions:
  • When you share a resource, there's only 1 item (Calendar) in the Type drop-down. Why have a drop-down for only 1 choice? Need to add the rest of the resources (Contacts, Folders, etc.).
  • You can assign a Calendar to a conference room, but when you go back to the list of resources, it would be nice to have something to identify the row as a conference room.
  • When you edit permissions on a resource, you have no idea what resource you're even editing as the name doesn't appear anywhere.

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