Filter Blank User Agents and Referrals from Demographics?
Question asked by Andy Schmidt - March 19, 2015 at 6:16 AM
When I look at my "Default Filter" in v10 it will claim "Filters = 2", but the dialogue has NOTHING in "included",  NOTHING in "excluded", just the "Mark as default filter set" checkbox checked:
Default Filter Picture - on Google Drive
Default Filter Picture on OneDrive
The above two Pictures attempts using Google Drive and OneDrive. Neither will work for this forum. This is becoming wayyyy to much work - so here the link to the picture:
So WHERE are those 2 Filters in this "set"?
When I look at the XML file, it looks like this:
      <Name>Default Clean-Up</Name>
After trying to remember REALLY hard what I might have set up years ago, I came across THIS feature in v8:
Filter out blank user agents from demographic reports - Check this box to exclude blank user agents from demographic report statistics. Filtering out blank user agents is another method users can use to gather stats on real website visitors, as blank user agents often indicate an automated script or bot.
Filter out blank referrers from referral reports - Check this box to remove the No Referrer row in reports that include stats on referrers.
which I had probably would have made my "Default Filter".
Apparently, at some point, those two check boxes were removed from the Filter Sets dialog?
So this opens a bunch of questions/concerns:
a) HOW do I now clean up my demographics reports so that referrers ONLY report "real" referrers?
b) Short of editing XML files in Notepad, how do I get right of two "invisible" filters if one can no longer "uncheck" those boxes? I would expect the software to "ignore" those filters if they no longer exist, or to automatically remove them when that filter set is updated by the user?
c) Are those two "invisible" filters still doing something, even if they were removed from the dialogue?

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