Why is my SmarterMail being considered junk?
Question asked by Aprill LaBorde - February 26, 2015 at 9:21 AM
Our company uses SmarterMail for all of our quote and bidding. However, when we send customers their quotes, they are either being filtered out as spam or they are being sent straight to the customers junk email folder. Is there a way to fix this, it doesn't look very professional to have quotes going as junk mail.....any help would be great!

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Steve Reid Replied
February 26, 2015 at 10:38 AM
Having a properly configured server that is running perfectly is not as simple as installing email server software and go.
You may need to take a step back and educate yourself a bit if that it what you expect.
There are many spam tests conducted on your domain and IP by all other email servers out there. If you do not have your ducks lined up in a row you will be blacklisted as mentioned above.
I use intodns.com and mxtoolbox.com to test and ensure everything is configured properly.
Bruce Barnes Replied
February 26, 2015 at 2:18 PM
Sorry you are experiencing these kinds of issues.  Even more sorry that your current outside contractor is not being more helpful, but lets see if we can move this forward for you and get your orders delivered properly . . .
When someone sends an e-mail to your company, they send it to NAME@DOMAIN.COM, or something similar.
What is your domain name or an e-mail address to which they would send you a message.
The fact that your ORDERS are being sent out via a .LOCAL domain name is not legal, from an e-mail perspective.    All e-mail at your domain, whether for an order, a confirmation, or a regular e-mail, should be coming from your domain name.
While having "dummy," or "placeholder" domains like "buyallseasons.local" used to be perfectly acceptable, those kinds of non-valid domains are no longer valid and everything that is sent, again, whether from an order server or regular e-mail must be both authenticated and map back to a valid e-mail domain, with a valid rDNS record, and other mappings.
So, if, as an example, the domain registered to your company is "BUYALLSEASONS.COM," then your e-mail server's "FQDN" (fully qualified domain name) might be MAIL.BUYALLSEASONS.COM, and your orders should be sent via an account with an e-mail address of ORDERS@BUYALLSEASONS.COM.
Again, the way your current order system is setup used to be acceptable and those order e-mail messages would fly right through.
The new requirements, some put in place by the US Can Spam Act, and others put in place by large ISPs (internet service providers) like YAHOO, GMAIL. COMCAST, TIME WARNER, and about 11 other big players, and now commonly adopted by most mail service providers, both large and small, have place restrictions on both what the SENDING ADDRESS and DOMAIN are, along with the fact that all e-mail must be properly authenticated, by a valid e-mail server, as part of the transaction process.
Again, and not trying to either insult your intelligence, or fuel the uncomfortable situation you are in because of this not working properly, this requires a lot of additional work which, albeit not difficult to implement, does require a lot of knowledge of what is required, how to move from the SMTP services of the server which is generating your orders to authentication, and proper configuration and testing.
Please feel free to contact either myself or one of the other responders who have assisted you if you are interested in additional support with getting this resolved and working properly.
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