Forwarding email to yahoo.com GETS YOU BLACKLISTED or Graylisted
Problem reported by J Lee - January 26, 2015 at 9:52 AM
Is anyone else seeing this issue.  When forwarding and email account yahoo.com or affiliate like att.net or sbcglobal.net and the user after receiving email in their yahoo.com account marks the email as spam. My server ( the forwarding server not the originating server ) is getting delayed for up to 8 hours on delivery to yahoo.com.
The reason in logs is "User Complaints".  The rub here is that the user is actually graylisting their own email and of course everyone else on the server. 
If anyone has experience with this or has a work around besides telling my clients that they can't forward to yahoo.com anymore.
I would like to hear your ideas
J. Sebastian Lee
Service2Client LLC
6333 E Mockingbird Ste 147
Dallas, TX 75214 - 877.251.3273

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